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Successful business partnerships depend on many factors. In technology distribution, knowing the best practices, key drivers and dynamics relative to your role makes a profound difference.

The Global Technology Distribution Council is the industry consortium representing the world's leading IT distributors. GTDC members drive more than $130 billion in annual worldwide sales of IT products, services and solutions through dynamic business channels.

The GTDC has partnered with Quadmark to offer accreditation in Technology Distribution skills. The accreditation workshop is aimed an enabling vendor and distributor teams to optimize partnerships and bottom-line value when working together. Participants have the opportunity to pass the GTDC Diploma Exam after completing the two-day workshop.

Below are some of the questions that are the subject of the GTDC Diploma Training and Accreditation Program:

  • Can your account teams make the business case for your vendor value proposition and marketing programs? Can they identify how and where changes are needed to build share?
  • How do you offer cloud services and service-oriented solutions today with your distributors? Do you understand the financial impact of offering these services not only to distributors but to their customers? How do your competitors do it?
  • Do you know which categories and products generate the best return on working capital for your distributors? Can you work this out? How does this compare to your competitors?
  • Which vendor behaviors drive cost into your distributors and could be limiting your growth prospects through distribution?
  • What are the five factors that typically make distribution the most cost-effective channel for market access? Can you explain this to your product and sales teams?
  • Do you know how your vendor programs affect the GMROWC, ROIC and ROCE of your distribution partners? Do you know which of these metrics they measure your business on?

This workshop follows the teachings outlined in the GTDC primer “Understanding the Technology Distribution Business” and was developed in partnership with VIA International, a leading management consultancy exclusively focused on marketing, distribution and sales channels. A partner to VIA International, Quadmark Inc. facilitates these workshops globally.

Vendors whose managers have participated include Acer, Apple, Canon, Cisco, Eaton, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper Networks, Intel, Lexmark, McAfee, Microsoft, StarTech & Symantec Distributors whose managers have achieved Diploma level include Avnet, Esprinet, Tarsus, Westcoast and Westcon.

For more information, please contact or click the link below:

Download the GTDC Diploma brochure

"I am currently attending the Tech Data Vendor Summit and I am extremely happy to have knowledge expressed during the course of last week with me!”
—Head EMEA Volume Channel & Distribution business, Lexmark

"The course has certainly given a different perspective on understanding distributors’ business and will definitely change the way we converse with them now.”
—DPAM, Cisco

Set out below is an overview of the core content covered by the two levels of the Accreditation:
The Certification Course key topics
The Role of Distribution Explains the role of distribution and the value provided to both vendors and resellers of different types
How the distributor business model works​ Characterizes the key features of the distribution business model and the challenges of managing "earn and turn
Margins & Profitability Sets out the basic margin measures and their key drivers and provides some benchmarks, norms and recent trends
Working Capital and the Cash-to-Cash cycle Sets out the components of working capital, their measures and drivers, with some real examples
Productivity & Capital Efficiency Measures Introduces the basic combination measures of earn and turn such as Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment
The Diploma Course key topics
Channel Dynamics & the Role of the Distributor Clarifies the value of different types of distribution and sets the framework for what follows
How the distributor business model works​ Unlocks the financial dynamics which determine success for products, categories & vendors in distribution
Margins & Profitability Shows how understanding Contribution Profit unlocks all the levers of profitability
Working Capital and the Cash-to-Cash cycle Unpicks the drivers of working capital and examines how small changes in Ts & Cs have big impact on cash and growth
Productivity & Capital Efficiency Measures Shows how to identify the winners, sleepers, traffic builders and losers in the category, product and customer portfolio
Managing Growth Reveals the linkage between profitability, working capital turn and capacity for growth
The Anatomy of an Effective Distribution Program Characterizes the elements that determine the success or failure of a vendor program in the distribution channel
How to Sell to Distributors as a Vendor Shows how to build compelling business cases for your overall value proposition and channel programs
The Value of Distribution to a Vendor Shows how distribution can improve the vendor’s own ROCE

As an Accreditation, you can take the on-line exams (in order) without the requirement to attend any training. However, we strongly recommend that you apply for the self-study pack and review the material before attempting the Certificate. You will need to pass the Certificate exam before progressing to the Diploma .exam. Almost everyone who has gained the Diploma has done so after attending either an In-house or an Open face-to-face two day course. The major pathway options are set out below:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the workshops held?
Workshops are typically conducted in a classroom setting at a location provided by the vendor or distributor.

2. How many participants can attend a workshop?
The typical workshop has 15-20 participants, but we can accommodate up to 30 per session.

3. Can vendors and distributors attend the same workshop?
Yes. Since the goal of the workshop is to get vendors and their distribution partners to “speak the same language”, it is ideal for vendor teams and their distribution counterparts to participate in the same workshop.

4. We have a limited number of teammates covering distribution – do you offer the workshops for smaller teams?
Yes. We periodically hold “Open Workshops” where multiple vendors or distribution partners can attend.

5. Do you make the workshop specific to vendor programs?
Yes. We will work with your leadership teams to understand the current programs offered to distribution and build exercises and content to enable your teams to understand the financial implications associated with those programs.

"Personally the course was of immense value to me, it changes the way I look at my business as a distributor, with multiple brands."
—Software Solutions Director Westcon

“I was genuinely very impressed with the course and the outcome. Thanks again.”
—Vice President
    EG Distribution, Hewlett Packard, Europe, Middle East & Africa

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Location: Phoenix, AZ Quadmark Offices: 260 S Arizona Av., Chandler AZ, 85225

Course Date: January 10 & 11 , 2017

Timing: 10:00AM to 5:00PM on Jan. 10th and 09:00 to 16:00 on Jan. 11th

Cost: $1,500 per person, if registration and full payment is received before Dec. 16th, 2016. For any places booked after December 16th, the cost is $1,950. An invoice with payment details/options will be issued following registration. Credit card or manufacturer PO accepted.

Included: All course materials and instruction, including a pre-course reading and self-study pack; two attempts at each of the Certificate and Diploma on-line Accreditation exams; lunch included both days with coffee breaks.

Excluded: All travel and local hotel accommodations. Hotel block for Quadmark room rate at the San Marcos Crowne Plaza which is walking distance from the training center.